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N.E.R.D. Alert: Pharrell Performs at PAPER + AOL's FriendsWithYou Party

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When Pharrell Williams insists that "all you artsy fartsy people, squat down," you can rest assured that all the artsy fartsy people will indeed squat down. "Now jump up!" and, just like that, even the most jaded art world type jumped up. Pharrell Williams and his band N.E.R.D. mesmerized the crowd last night with an energetic set as PAPER and AOL celebrated Miami-based artist duo FriendsWithYou's incredible, inflatable fantasy wonderland "Rainbow City" installation in a grassy lot in the Design District. Revelers, fueled by the complimentary Bacardi cocktails and Heinekens, rocked out to DJ Mia Moretti's tunes (including a really good remix of Cher's "It's In His Kiss") and took turns taking their shoes off and jumping up and down like middle-schoolers in a real-life bouncy castle. Folks like Christian Louboutin, Shepard Fairey, Kehinde Wiley, Cator Sparks, Albert Elbaz, Mr Kiji, David Choe, Olek milled around, and, when the clock struck 11, reluctantly left the enchanted city for the real world.

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  • It was an unreal event. The friendsWithyou Rainbow city was truly amazing!

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