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Charlotte Ronson Talks About Being an Art Basel Virgin and Her Crazy Family Holidays

Charlotte Ronson's kicked off her Art Basel experience by hosting an after-party at the Mondrian Hotel last night for the opening of Gallery I/D's "This Time in America: Part I" exhibition. StyleList caught up with her at the was there to catch up with the designer about plans for her label, holiday shopping, and fashion as an artform.

StyleList: How many times have you been to Art Basel?
Charlotte Ronson:
This is my first time. It's hard because I travel so much. But it worked out this year. Two of my stepbrothers live here. My older brother Roman [Jones] has a bunch of clubs here like Set, Louis, Cameo, Mokai and Mansion. And my brother Alexander [Dexter Jones], who lives in New York, is deejaying here tonight.

StyleList: You have a big brood. How many siblings are there all together?
There are ten of us.

StyleList: How do you deal with the holidays and all of the gift giving?
Sometimes we split it. Like, I'll go and get stuff for Mark [Ronson] and then we'll be like, 'Ok, can you go and get a gift for this one and I'll get for this one?' And if we want to spend a little more, then we'll split it. And now I've learned that if I see something and like it, I'll just buy it and hold it instead of waiting until the end of the year to shop. When there's all that pressure to buy something, it's sometimes hard to find something. I also write ideas down. In some ways, we can all buy the things ourselves that someone can buy for us, so you want what you're giving to be special and meaningful.

StyleList: How do you manage to get everyone together to celebrate?
We celebrate Hanukkah, but the family also gets together on Christmas to exchange gifts. It all depends on the year, though, because everyone is so scattered and busy. I think my brother might be in London and my sister might stay in L.A. and I'm hoping she'll change her mind. Last year I skipped off. This year I'll probably be in New York and then head somewhere else.

StyleList: What exhibits are you excited about seeing in Miami?
I'm going to my friend Gillian Laub's photography show about segregated proms and I'm going to spend the rest of the time going to the main fair and downtown and just use the time to explore and fall upon things. There is always so much going on that it can be overwhelming. I can't be bothered with that with the most important parties of the week. I just want to be with my friends and family.

StyleList: Do you think fashion is art?
I definitely think fashion is art. It's a different medium of art, but it's all about being creative and expressing yourself.

StyleList: Would you consider yourself an artist then?
I do in some ways. But I design contemporary clothing, not couture, and it's also a business and for sales. So I have to keep that in mind. I want to be creative, but only a tiny miniscule part of the business is the creative part. But that's what keeps me going.

StyleList: What's the latest news on your label?
We just opened up two stores in Shanghai and a store in Hong Kong. And we shot our Spring campaign for Charlotte Ronson along with a short film directed by Pamela Hanson. My sister Annabelle is modeling in it with Donald Cummings from The Virgins. We shot it the day before Thanksgiving in a mansion in Yonkers. It was amazing. And we have a bunch of other projects that we'll be in a position to discuss soon.

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