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Checking in with Emily Haines & James Murphy

Photo credit: Diana Levine
On Wednesday night, AOL + Paper Magazine caught up with Emily Haines from Metric, and James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem, in Miami during the Art Basel festival. We chatted with James after his soundcheck before his private show at the Raleigh hotel, where he told us about the band's plans for the future, and what it's like to direct a music video with Spike Jonze. We hung out with Emily during The Last Space art gallery at the Webster, and heard about some of her favorite artists, and which band's show she was psyched to go see that night.

Comments (2)

  • Is that metric performing in the background of LCDS interview?? :D

  • The videos looked great, were well edited, and you gave the subjects enough time to say something meaningful, which is appreciated. It's unfortunate the videos were so poorly recorded as to be almost inaudible.

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